Kioko was founded in 2006 by Nicole Barratt – Oriental, Siamese and Peterbald breeder. We are situated in sunny Durban, South Africa and registered with CFSA, SACC and CASA (WCF). We aim to breed healthy, robust Oriental, Siamese and Peterbald kittens with sound temperaments, that conform to the CFSA standard. We encourage a holistic approach to breeding, and have a keen interest in genetics and colours. Our first and foremost goal is health and to find happy homes for our babies.


We have kittens due in late November and early December! Visit our Kitten Page for more info.

We feed and recommend Hill’s Science Diet and Hill’s Ideal Balance and are members of the Hill’s Breeders Association.

Our cats are insured by Kido Pet which means that our kittens receive 1 month free insurance in their new homes. We encourage all of our owners to continue this policy for a small monthly fee to cover them for illness and accidents.

Showing your cat is a rewarding hobby where you can meet other feline enthusiasts, learn about different breeds, meet breeders, gain titles for your cat and potentially win prizes!

FIP and Cats – Misunderstood and misdiagnosed

FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis) is a fatal disease in both domestic and wild cat populations worldwide. Although seemingly rare in pet households, in breeder or shelter situations, it is more common. Many owners and breeders worldwide have felt the effects of this...

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Introducing your Kitten to its new home

Preparing your home for your kitten Introducing a new kitten to your other pets and young children need to be a process treated with much care and patience and it may take a good few weeks for your kitten to settle completely. Your home should be prepared well in...

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Fireworks and Cats – An Immune System Overload!

Fireworks can affect your animals in many ways as they have very highly attuned senses! What is not often considered is how the stress of big bangs can subsequently affect your cats' immune system. Recognising Signs of Anxiety Just like humans, cats can...

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We support Feeding the Furballs (NPO)

Feeding the Furballs is both a registered Public Beneficiary and a Non-Profit Organisation that is striving to provide rescue animals and Rescue Organisations with food and supplies. Should you wish to donate to this amazing organisation and help a Furball out, please visit their website for more info.

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