Kioko was founded in 2006 by Nicole Barratt – Oriental, Siamese and Peterbald breeder. We are situated in sunny Durban, South Africa and registered with CFSA, SACC and CASA (WCF). We aim to breed healthy, robust Oriental, Siamese and Peterbald kittens with sound temperaments, that conform to the CFSA standard. We encourage a holistic approach to breeding, and have a keen interest in genetics and colours. Our first and foremost goal is health and to find happy homes for our babies.


Visit our kitten page to view our latest litters or upcoming litter plans.

We feed and recommend Hill’s Science Diet and Hill’s Ideal Balance.

Showing your cat is a rewarding hobby where you can meet other feline enthusiasts, learn about different breeds, meet breeders, gain titles for your cat and potentially win prizes!

Feline Behaviour – Trust your gut with Sarah-Jane Farrell

Did you know that you don't have to be an animal communicator to know what your cat is thinking or get a degree to learn about feline behaviour? There's one surefire way to know what your pet wants and while it sounds simple, for many of us, it isn't. You just have to...

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CFSA Cat of the Year 2018 Report Back

On the 31st of August we trekked all the way to Pretoria for the annual Cat Federation of South Africa Cat of the Year and Gold and Ruby Show that was held on Spring Day at Ekudeni Country Venue, in Muldersdrift. Our beautiful Bobi, now co-owned with...

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Litter box problems – The Trouble with Toileting

Sometimes we get queries that relate to litter box problems. There are reasons that your cats' litter training goes down the toilet and 90% of the time it is behavioural or environmental. We look at the 'trouble with toileting' in this article. Thank you to Jacqueline...

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Finding an ETHICAL cat breeder

Like looking for a needle in a haystack of crowded classified posts, facebook groups and google-promoted websites, where do you even start? Firstly from an owners perspective the following usually applies when finding an ethical cat breeder. 1. Potential owner googles...

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Cat of the Year 2018 Finalists CFSA

We are ecstatic to announce that LaMASKA The Amazing Rabobi of Kioko has qualified as a top 10 finalist in the male category for CFSA Cat of the Year 2018 to be held on 1 September at Ekudeni Country Venue, Muldersdrift. CFSA Cat of the Year 2018 and Gold and Ruby...

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Indoor vs. Outdoor Cats

The long debate of indoor vs. outdoor cats has been going on for decades! In past years, the most common cause of cats losing their lives in their new homes is largely due to them being allowed to roam outdoors without supervision. We look at the many reasons why you...

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