Kioko was first founded in 2006 by Nicole Barratt and means “happy child” in Japanese. Situated in sunny Durban, South Africa and registered with CFSA, SACC and CASA (WCF), I aim to breed healthy, robust Siamese, Oriental and Peterbald kittens with sound temperaments, that conform to the CFSA and International standards. Kioko encourages a holistic approach to breeding, and my first and foremost goal is the health of my beautiful babies.

I currently work with a handful breeders and veterinarians, and have been in partnership with my dear friend, sister-breeder and mentor, Mariette Burger of LaMASKA Cattery, for over 12 years breeding Siamese, Oriental and 10 years breeding Peterbald. I am actively involved with the show scene and the KwaZulu Natal Cat Club as well as the Siamese, Oriental and Peterbald Alliance, and offer support to novice exhibitors and breeders who are starting out to give them firm foundations in the cat fancy.

I have bred many beautiful kittens over the years and have always preferred to keep the Kioko brood as manageable as possible so that each cat is able to get individual attention. For this reason, I occasionally pet out retired queens and studs to enable them to live out their lives in loving pet homes. Kioko aims to build mutually beneficial partnerships to grow the South African cat fancy and part of that is working with local rescue organisations like Feeding the Furballs, to promote rescue-breeder cooperation.

I participate in showing my cats in KwaZulu Natal and occasionally in Gauteng. I wholeheartedly believe in building supportive immune systems for my cats and do not promote over-stimulation, inbreeding, over-vaccination or anything that puts our cats or kittens under unnecessary stress.

My feeding, vaccination and medicating protocols have been researched and adjusted for balance and moderation – to not only be in line with legislation, but also to promote stronger immune systems and vitality in kittens and breeding lines. I have extensive genetic knowledge regarding the breeds I work with and the many pattern and colour combinations I may encounter.



Founder, Breeder & Cat Slave

My track record consists of over 12 years of learning curves, heartbreak, joy and loads of laughs! I have served on various Club and Breed Group committees – the Provincial Cat Society (SACC, 2007 – 2011), KwaZulu Natal Cat Club (CFSA, 2014 – present) and the Siamese, Oriental & Peterbald Alliance (CFSA, Founding Member, 2014 – present). I also currently serve on the CFSA Breed Council as a representative for the Siamese, Oriental and Peterbald breeds and have been active in compiling proposals and presentations for various organisations locally and abroad. I am a qualified Persian Exotic and Medium Hair Judge with CFSA, currently studying the Foreign Group. I am a cat geek, knowledge sponge and a graduate of the internationally-recognised PawPeds G1 and G2 course, hoping to start G3 in 2019. My day job is running my own digital design studio, The Alchemy Creative and I launched an online pet product store early in 2018 called Cat Nerd.



Cattery & Housekeeper

Angel is a gem. We originally hired her to look after our son when he was a baby and that role has developed and evolved into something more. Angel is well known at KZN Cat Shows as a steward, and general helper. She manages setups, tea time, the door and is often requested by judges for her to steward for them. She works hard to make sure our home is in tip top shape, hygienic and that all our cats are happy and healthy. Angel has experience in birthing kittens and has done so many times in my absence. She knows each of our cats by name and personality and has great instincts. Angel is on her way to being certified with hygiene brand, F10, which we use in our cattery. She is hands-on with our cats, and other animals and is always keen to learn more. We are very lucky to have her on board.


The following cats formed the foundation for our breeding and include our first breeding cats, as well as the first kitten we bred, Kioko Final Fantasy and the first cats we kept back for our programme.