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Voodoo & Fox – Born 16 December 2017

Voodoo had 6 beautiful babies on Saturday, 16 December. We have three calicoes and three pointed. These babies will be available for bookings at the end of January 2018 and are currently under evaluation. Please visit our Facebook page for updates on...

Beware of new SCAMS!

New scams are on the rise to gain access to potential kitten owners. Please read the notice from the KwaZulu Natal Cat Club below. IMPORTANT SCAM NOTICE - BREEDERS AND POTENTIAL OWNERS PLEASE READ Please note that breeder emails are being targeted by scammers in a new...

Selene & Toby – Born 6 December 2017

Selene had some beautiful bear cubs on 6 December. This is a first and last for this couple. Toby is now retired. Some of these kittens may be under evaluation until they are a bit older but please contact us if interested.

Mulan & Fox – Born 30 November 2017

Mulan had 6 beautiful babies via C-Section on 30 November 2017. Sadly she went off colour a few days before her due date (2 December) and under the advisement of the Westville Vet team, we made the decision for her to have an emergency c-section and spay....

Nora & Fox – Born 28 November 2017

Nora had 4 beautiful babies in late November. Once again this dream team combo has produced stunners! Please note availability below. These babies are now available for firm bookings.

Nicole Barratt

Nicole Barratt

Cat Geek

Nicole has been breeding since 2006 and currently serves as Marketing and Chair for the KwaZulu Natal Cat Club, is a founding Committee member of the Siamese, Oriental and Peterbald Alliance, and is a CFSA Breed Council Representative and Cat Judge. Nicole runs her own digital marketing and design studio, The Alchemy Creative.