Earlier this month we headed to Pretoria with our favourite travel buddy, Nick and hit the road to join our peers for the CFSA Cat of the Year and 2017 Gold and Ruby Show and we were not disappointed. Thank you so much to the COTY Committee and all who were involved to make this event a success. The 20th Anniversary of CFSA is a big deal and we were so honored to play a part as finalist, exhibitor, helper and sponsor.

Our fab results


Spirit is now a National Qualifier and ranked the best Ragdoll in the country in CFSA. We are so so proud of our boy who achieved an amazing placing of 3rd Neuter out of the top 10 Neuters nationwide. Never would we have imagined that he placed so high over the course of the year! Thank you again to Breeze for entrusting us with our unicorn baby and mentoring us through the process of owning and showing a Ragdoll! We are ecstatic with his results this year, after winning CFSA Gold Cat in 2016.


Fox surprised us with his qualification for COTY and we were so happy with his placing of 10th in the Male section as well as his nomination for Stud of the Year! Fox had about 14 individual offspring showing this year, most of which were shown consistently and were nominated. Thank you to all of his kitten’s amazing owners and to Mariette Burger of LaMASKA for showing his beautiful babies with LaMASKA Teardrops of a Mermaid (aka Ghea). Ghea, consequently went on to achieve the title of Dam of the Year due to their successes and the litter was nominated for Kitten Litter of the Year 2017. This boy’s achievements, although sometimes indirect have amazed us and we are proud to have him represent the Peterbald breed nationally.

Fox was the only Peterbald to qualify this year for COTY but he has a whole list of offspring that did exceptionally well representing in both COTY and the Gold and Ruby Show. Here are their scores:-

LaMASKA Hermoine – 7th Placed Kitten of the Year 2017 (Oriental) – COTY Finalist 2017
Kioko Amberle – 12th Placed Kitten of the Year 2017 (Peterbald) – Ruby Kitten Qualifer 2017
Kioko Selene – 19th Placed Kitten of the Year 2017 (Peterbald) – Ruby Adult Qualifier 2017
LaMASKA Chamaeleon – 16th Placed Male of the Year 2017 (Oriental) – Gold Adult Qualifier 2017
LaMASKA Proxima Centauri – 18th Placed Male of the Year 2017 (Peterbald) – Gold Adult Qualifier 2017

Kitten Litter Nomination for 2017 for Ghea and Fox litter at LaMASKA
LaMASKA Maximillion, Oliver, Poseidon, Proxima Centauri, Chamaeleon, Hermoine

We are so proud of Fox’s babies’ achievements. Later this year we hope to publish more of their results from 2017.

For more information and results from the CFSA Cat of the Year and Gold and Ruby 2017 20th Anniversary Shows, please visit the CFSA Website.

More pics from the event