From time to time, we retire our breeding cats and try to find them loving furrever families. This can sometimes be an arduous task finding the right homes for cats that are set in their ways and a bit older. Please know that we are not merely “throwing” these cats away. They are much loved and treasured beings in our home. There are various reasons that we will rehome a retired breeding cat:-

1. The hierarchy changes once cats are neutered and those, once dominant have to fight to keep their spot with fertile females who may want to take the top cat spot for themselves. This can cause stress in the household, conflict between retired cats and breeding queens and change an otherwise peaceful environment into a volatile one. For the well being of all our cats, we will seek out pet homes that can give these retirees a low-stress, loving home.

2. Health is a huge concern and overcrowding can lead to stress, outbreaks and a very difficult to manage home and cattery. On the other end of the stick, breeders need to keep back certain kittens of exceptional quality to further their breeding programmes responsibly and this is difficult to do when we have kept so many of our retired cats back as pets. In order to keep an optimum number of breeding cats and pets, we need to rehome those that no longer “fit in” or aren’t getting enough attention. Older cats, much like babies will be immuno-compromised in some ways so we do not want them to fall ill if one of our litters happen to.

3. Attention seeking is a huge part of an Oriental, Siamese or Peterbald’s nature and because of this, large catteries do not bode well to keep up with their social graces, attention needs and socialising kittens as well as giving the attention to a much loved neuter that has to share his/her time with others. It is very difficult to give an older cat all the attention it needs when you are focusing on rearing babies and getting them ready for their new homes. For this reason, we feel it is unfair to retirees to have to deal with our attention being split up between a larger colony of cats and kittens where they could be more comfortable and happier in a home with less competition and more attention just for them!

With this in mind we have a few cats that are needing loving homes, yet we do not wish to rush the process. A full description of each is listed below. Please contact us if you fit our criteria and would prefer an older cat with less of the growing pains and activity of a kitten.

For the cats below, we would prefer either a suitable home in Gauteng or in KZN so that we are able to help if there are any issues. A trial period of 4 weeks will be granted to the new owners. Should the cat not be settling in after following our full list of instructions, the new owner is welcome to return them to us and get a refund (terms and conditions will apply).


These cats are not street smart and have never been allowed outdoors to roam freely. They will be homed with a contract to ensure that the owners are award that the cats need to be kept indoors or on a property that is secure from escape routes, exit/entry points. This is non-negotiable. We will not be held liable or agree to the adoption of another cat if yours is allowed outdoors and gets sick, stolen or dies.

These cats are over 5 years old and require a specific diet to ensure their health. Our dietary recommendations are not an endorsement but specifically formulated for the health of the cats. Please contact us should you wish to change their diets.

These cats, being older, will need veterinary insurance to cover any diseases or ailments – we recommend MediPet. We will do not cover any veterinary bills for retired cats or kittens once they leave the confines of our home as we cannot control the cats’ stress levels, diets, exposure or bodily function. Note that Siamese and Orientals are prone to kidney disease later in life.




Peach, as she is fondly known, is a very affectionate, demanding lady with some fun attributes. She loves to finish our tea, headbutt and get cuddles. She is also quite fond of dogs who share her inter-species relationship goals and will cuddle up with them without a thought. She is used to young children and being carried around and even though she is pushing 6 years old, she is still quite active and playful. Peach is super talkative and will engage in endless conversation with her people.

Peach was spayed a few years ago and lived with our stud, Leo and since we moved house and integrated her and Leo with our other cats she is not entirely fitting in. She is not fond of young kittens and will compete with our mommas for space and attention and this can sometimes result in aggression from both sides. She really just wants to be someone’s beloved pet and to get cuddles and love.

Peach has been on a diet and has access to an outdoor enclosure as well as our home indoors to get exercise. Since she has been given more space, she has lost a considerable amount of weight so, will need a home who will keep up with her dietary needs. She is being fed Hills C/D Stress and Oral Care and gets raw diet for dinner.

Peach has some dental issues that we will need to sort out before she leaves us. For this reason and to cover her spay op and vet check up, a reduced adoption fee will apply. She will be sent to her new home with a week’s worth of food and her favourite toys and blanky.


Dental, Vet Check-Up & Inoculations
Hills Food
Toys & Blanky