We are so proud to announce our results for the Southern Africa Cat Council Cat of the Year 2017 held in Cape Town on 12 August. In true Gatsby style the Committee put on a glamorous show full of excitement, nerves and celebration.
It’s been a week of catch up and attempting to get some rest time in but I wanted to thank the SACC COTY Committee and the rest of your amazing team for a fab SACC COTY. Everything was well organised and beautiful. It was so fab to meet some people I only talk to on Facebook and those I only see at COTY time. Thank you to Charmaine Turner and Krystle Ann Callaghan for being my taxis. Krystle also made my exquisite Gatsby head piece!

It was an experience to witness all of the exhibitor’s joys during the event and absorb all the festivities and positive energy. Thank you to the KZN Crew for keeping spirits up in true KZN Fashion. The KZN Exhibitors are all a very special bunch who all show tremendous gratitude and know how to get a party started. 

I am tremendously proud of my cats who withstood the long trip, stressful airports, a show with all our anxieties and a lot of public attendance. For breeds such as the Peterbald and Oriental, it is very stressful! Ragdolls, well that’s another story. Shout out to the breeder of Siori Mulan, Melissa Myburgh for breeding the highest scoring Oriental! Thank you so much for my beautiful warrior child. Mulan also achieved the same placing as our Renji in 2009 which was very special for us.

Also a shout out to Blingy Mariette Burger who without entrusting us with the Peterbald breed or her Oriental lines, we would not be having the successes we are today. I cannot be more proud of our achievements and although you were not in attendance, I missed your face and I hope we made you proud to have had a hand in our success. Thank you as well for the absolutely exquisite rosettes you made for me to hand out as gifts to some special cats. To have a locally bred Peterbald make the cut for the top two kittens in KZN to qualify for COTY was a huge achievement for me and the breed and I hope to continue to produce COTY Qualifiers, maybe some less feisty 🙂!

To Breeze Swartzberg thank you for your unwavering support as my Ragdoll mentor, and Spirit’s ouma. Thank you for the beautiful rosette (made by Blingy Mariette Burger) and crochet blanket!

To all my fellow CFSA exhibitors that attended this event, keep flying the flag high. It is quite a task to campaign for both organisations! Congratulations to all the winners and a final shout out to Shaun Armand – I was so honoured to share the moment with you telephonically. <3 Over and out. See you at CFSA COTY – Our next adventure.

Lastly a huge thank you to Ursula Van Der Riet for the beautiful photos of our cats!

Kioko Amberle – Peterbald Female Kitten

9th Kitten and Highest Scoring Peterbald of 2017

Siori Mulan of Kioko – Oriental Female Adult

21st Placed Adult and Highest Scoring Oriental of 2017

Esperanza Spirited Away of Kioko – Ragdoll Male Neuter

15th Placed Neuter