After a long planning process, our family has made the decision to move to Dallas, Texas in the USA this year. But don’t freak out just yet, we still have litters on the way before we jet off.

Unfortunately we will not be able to take all of our cats with us due to restrictions of ownership in Dallas, however most of our queens have been rehomed to breeders, to pet homes or have returned to their breeders.

We only have 2 neutered orientals that will be needing a very special furrever home. We are very sad to leave these two beauties behind, but unfortunately this is a reality we must face. Please visit our kitten page to read more about Mulan and Thor who are needing a furrever home by the end of June 2019. This mother and son duo must be homed together and will be sold with an adoption agreement. Please contact us for more information if you are interested. We are rehoming them both together for R3500 inclusive of vet check and inoculations, toys, blanket and food sample.

We are planning to relocate at the end of July 2019 but are still awaiting the final details of emigration so plans could change once the ball is rolling. We have two litters on the way which will be our last in South Africa, one from Diva who is visiting us from Siori cattery who is due this weekend and another from Casey who is due in early April.


In order to secure a kitten we are allowing pre-bookings for upcoming litters from pre-birth to 4 weeks old of R500per kitten, that will be applied to your initial holding fee. If you want to get in there early, please contact us or fill out our kitten questionnaire to pre-book and you will go on a published waiting list for our final two litters. There will be 8 slots available for pre-bookings as we will go by expected average litter size. Pre-bookings will apply to kittens not yet born, and kittens not yet old enough for a holding fee. A pre-booking fee is fully refundable should you change your mind BEFORE the kitten reaches 4 weeks of age, but thereafter it is non-refundable.

Should you reside in the USA and wish to be owned by a Kioko kitten, we can also arrange travel accordingly – please email us for a breakdown in US$.

With all the planning going on, we may be slower to respond to texts and emails as D-Day arrives, but will do our very best to get back to you as soon as we can. We apologise in advance for any delays. Our Facebook, Instagram and Website will remain the same, just with some tweaks to our registration bodies, what we are able to include, pricing and contact details. These will be updated in September accordingly

Technology is a wonderful thing and the internet allows us to keep in touch with all our owners and to support with our usual advice from afar. We promise to keep you up to date with our new contact details and plans as they unfold.

We are going to miss our South African family but will keep you posted on any developments!  EEK!