Kioko was first founded in 2006 and means “happy child” in Japanese. Originally in sunny Durban, South Africa, we relocated to Plano, Texas (USA) in 2019. We are currently registered with TICA. My aim is to breed healthy, robust Siamese, Oriental and Peterbald kittens with sound temperaments, that conform to the relevant TICA breed standards. Kioko encourages a holistic approach to breeding, and my first and foremost goal is the health of my beautiful babies.

I currently work with a handful breeders and veterinarians, and have been in partnership with Mariette Burger of LaMASKA Cattery, for over 15 years breeding Siamese, Oriental and 12 years breeding Peterbald. I was actively involved with the show scene in South Africa, and hope to start showing in the US later this year. I offer support to novice breeders who are starting out to give them firm foundations in the cat fancy.

I have bred many beautiful kittens over the years and have always preferred to keep the Kioko brood as manageable as possible so that each cat is able to get individual attention. For this reason, I occasionally pet out retired queens and studs to enable them to live out their lives in loving pet homes.

I wholeheartedly believe in building supportive immune systems for my cats and do not promote over-stimulation, inbreeding, over-vaccination or anything that puts our cats or kittens under unnecessary stress. My feeding, vaccination and medicating protocols have been researched and adjusted for balance and moderation – to not only be in line with legislation, but also to promote stronger immune systems and vitality in kittens and breeding lines. I have extensive genetic knowledge regarding the breeds I work with and the many coat, pattern and colour combinations I may encounter.

The following cats formed the foundation for our breeding and include our first breeding cats, as well as the first kitten we bred, Kioko Final Fantasy and the first cats we kept back for our programme.