We are very proud to announce our first home-bred Peterbald to qualify for the prestigious Cat Federation of Southern Africa (CFSA) Cat of the Year event! Every year the top ten scoring cats in each category (male, female, neuter, kittens and household pets) are invited to compete at Cat of the Year. Their scores throughout the year’s show season determine their placings. The top cats in each category are judged off to determine the Cat of the Year and Household Pet of the year. This year we are very proud to announce that one of our home-bred Peterbald kittens has qualified but will share the stage with her great uncle, LaMASKA Chamaeleon, NQ owned by Mariette Burger. Both cats are descendants of our imported stud, Kissiopiea Nova Fire Fox of Kioko, NQ who placed 10th in the male section two years ago and was nominated for Stud of the Year.

Kioko Whisperwind of Siori has qualified in the kitten class! Congratulations to her proud owner, Melissa Myburgh.

The kitten section is one of the most competitive sections to compete in every year and we are ecstatic with this achievement. This litter was the combination of our imported and local lines and is very special to us. Whisper (or Merida as she is known at home) is the only Peterbald to qualify for Cat of the Year 2019 and we wish her all the best for a fabulous placing and an awesome day of cat walks, celebration and judge offs. Fly the flag high for us. We will be thinking of you!

Congrats Melissa! 

In addition to this, the following Kioko-bred cats qualified for the Gold and Ruby show that runs concurrently and showcases the top 11 – 30 cats in the country over the course of the show season.

  • Kioko FireFly Glow – now pregnant so will not be in attendance – She is Whisper’s mother now owned by Mariette Burger
  • Kioko Rhaella Targaryen of LaMASKA – now owned by Mariette Burger (daughter of LaMASKA Wynonna Earp of Kioko)
  • Kioko Aerys Targaryen of Siori – now owned by Melissa Myburgh (daughter of LaMASKA Wynonna Earp of Kioko)