A few friends and our cats took the long trek – a +- 12 hour drive to Port Elizabeth to represent KwaZulu Natal at the annual SACC Cat of the Year (Southern Africa Cat Council) event.

With Mathilda Rademan’s little Yaris packed to the rafters, our cats stacked like lego and our route planned for sheer road trip funsies, we headed off at 4am in the morning for our destination. What a fab trip inclusive of taking an unexpected dirt-road detour in the middle of the Transkei, nearly being hijacked in Mtatha and the endless scenic views of sheep, goats, cows, dilapidated rural communes and beautiful rolling hills.

We are proud to announce that Spirit placed 18th this year. With a very tough line up of neuters we are very pleased with this result. Thank you Mathilda and Maria for the giggles and for having us along for the trip. Thank you to Breeze Swartzberg of Esperanza Ragz who has been so supportive of Spirit’s show carrier throughout the year.

It was great seeing old friends and meeting some new ones and having some fun in Port Elizabeth. Thank you to the sponsors and to the COTY team for a fabulous event! Until next year… when we will hopefully be making the trek down to Cape Town (flying, not driving) once again for SACC Cat of the Year 2019 and the World Cat Congress seminar.