Terms & Conditions

Please note that our Adoption Agreement will ONLY be accepted, and commence upon the Buyer fully familiarising themselves with the Kioko Kitten Handbook, the terms set out herein and receipt of the holding amount.


  1. Transfer forms will be provided to transfer the kitten into the Owner’s name upon receipt of a signed copy of the adoption agreement and receipt of final payment of the amount determined. The costs of such transfers are for the Owner’s expense.
  2. Under no circumstances will our kitten/cats be sold, leased or given to another party without the express written consent of Kioko.
  3. Transfer of possession, or care of our kitten/cats to another party may only be done with express written permission of Kioko.
  4. New owners must sign a new contract, similar or a revision of the “Adoption Agreement”, with Kioko. This can only be done upon the receipt of written permission to make such a transfer between Kioko, the Owner and the Third Party.
  5. Should the Owner not be able to keep the kitten/cat for any reason, including but not limited, to the incapacity or death of the Owner, Kioko will assist in the re-adoption process and/or take temporary possession of the kitten/cat without refund of any kind,
  6. The Owner must NOT surrender the kitten/cat to any other breeder, research facility, pet shop, humane society, animal shelter, rescue organisation, or similar facility.
  7. Should the Owner for any reason not be able to keep the kitten/cat , Kioko will accept the kitten/cat back at no additional charges to the Buyer, excluding shipping and a primary veterinary screen.
  8. The Owner agrees not to advertise the kitten/cat for re-adoption in any digital or print media. This includes Facebook, Instagram, online Classifieds sites, newspapers, and ANY other means.
  9. The Owner agrees not to resell the kitten/cat by any of the means listed in point 6. above and understands that such action WILL result in legal action. Reselling the kitten/cat without the Breeder’s written permission amounts to BREACH of contract.
  10. The Owner must make all reasonable attempts to inform family members about re-adoption clauses. so that proper arrangements are made for the re-adoption in the event of the Owner’s death, or inability to maintain the kitten/cat .
  11. If for any reason the kitten/cat is returned to Kioko, the Owner agrees to pay any shipping or transport costs to return the kitten/cat unless otherwise agreed in writing by Kioko for sensitive circumstances.
  12. If the kitten/cat is returned to Kioko for re-adoption on behalf of the Owner, the terms of this re-adoption will be agreed upon under separate written agreement.
  13. Kioko agrees to assist wherever possible to re-home the kitten/cat given an appropriate amount of time to source new owners.


  1. Kioko assures that our kitten/cats are of sound health upon arrival and has been examined by a veterinarian not later than 7 days prior to leaving our home. The kitten/cat will receive a signed and stamped clearance certificate should this be required.


  1. All of our kitten/cats are sold sterilised unless otherwise agreed.
  2. In kittens, sterilisation will take place at between 14 and 16 weeks or once they have reached the minimum weight required.
  3. In adult cats, sterlisation will be arranged after the holding fee has been paid and at the earliest convenience of Kioko and our chosen Veterinary Surgeon.


Our kitten/cats, in most cases will receive the full set of the core vaccination series including (more information in the Kitten Manual):-

  1. 1st 3-In-1 Vaccination covering feline panleukopenia, feline calicivirus, feline rhinotracheitis (also known as feline herpesvirus).
  2. Booster 3-in-1 Vaccination.
  3. Rabies Vaccine administered by a licensed veterinarian.
  4. Routine Deworming, Flea and Tick Control if needed, and Microchip.
  5. The Owner must not have the kitten vaccinated, dewormed, shown / exhibited, allowed “full run” in the Buyer’s entire home, until it has been allowed at least FOUR FULL weeks to settle into the Buyer’s home completely.
  6. Any guarantee is rendered VOID should point 1 – 5 not be carried out as recommended.
  7. Any additional form of stress on the Cat during this time may lead to illness and/or death if not identified immediately.
  8. The Owner agrees to follow the Vaccination protocols outlined in the Kioko Kitten Handbook where possible, and understands that vaccinating their kitten is at their own risk.


  1. Other pets can pose a considerable risk, please make sure you are present at all introductions between pets and continue to monitor such until you are comfortable that they are acquainted and comfortable with each other.
  2. Kioko will not be held responsible for injuries or illness caused to kitten/cat by plants or substances in Owners home. A list of which can be found in the Kitten Handbook.
  3. The Owner understands that the kitten/cat may come down with illness due to the stress of changing environment / travel and this can be treated with routine medications and recommendations further detailed in the Kitten Handbook.
  4. The symptoms (listed in the Kitten Handbook) of such and agrees to take the kitten to the vet upon first signs of any cold or stomach upset, especially in the first two weeks.


  1. Kioko does not guarantee against illnesses (such as Fungal, Bacterial or Yeast infections; Parasites, Upper Respiratory Infection, and related, etc.) which are not life threatening and are considered to be treatable or may be brought on by stress or picked up during travelling or in the owner’s home.
  2. Kioko would never knowingly place a kitten/cat with any of these conditions.
  3. Any sign of illness should be treated; appropriate veterinary care should be sought. Should any symptoms arise of any of the conditions listed in the Kitten Manual, the Buyer may contact Kioko for our immediate advice and subsequently seek veterinary attention.
  4. We recommend that all our kittens are signed up to TruPanion vet insurance to cover any illnesses or accidents.


  1. The Buyer agrees that if the kitten/cat is neglected or mistreated, Kioko shall have the unconditional right to reclaim the kitten/cat WITHOUT refund of purchase price.
  2. Neglect and mistreatment includes, but is not limited to, anything that may put the life or general well-being of the kitten/cat in danger which includes but is not limited to declawing and not following recommended protocols.


  1. Declawing is a mutilation involving the amputation of a large portion of a cats’ toes, which will alter the kitten/cat’s temperament and general well-being.
  2. Declawing is illegal and if kitten/cat is declawed, it will render any guarantee VOID.
  3. Further this clause is to be read as to include, but is not limited to, any home or veterinary treatments that infringe on the health, soundness and well-being of the kitten/cat .


  1. The Owner accepts the responsibility of caring for the kitten/cat and will provide properly for its welfare; and understands our kittens are sold as indoors only.
  2. The Owner agrees to keep the kitten/cat at all times in a clean and pleasant environment, un-caged, with companionship, and adequate space for exercise, appropriate stimulation and engagement.
  3. Kioko recommends that our kitten/cats only be allowed outdoors while under adult supervision (appropriately harnessed), or in a safe, secure enclosure free of escape AND entry points.
  4. Allowing a kitten/cat to roam freely outdoors could cause the kitten/cat to contract a life threatening disease/illness, as well as causing other possible life threatening effects on the kitten/cat . Allowing your kitten/cat to roam unsupervised will amount to breach and will deem any guarantees VOID.
  5. The Owner agrees to obtain proper veterinary care if, and or not limited to, illness is suspect or an accident has occurred.


The Buyer will ensure that there is FRESH water provided 24 hours a day and, including, appropriate, recommended cat food accessible at appropriate times in a day unless otherwise advised by the breeder or a qualified veterinarian.


  1. The Owner assumes responsibility of all expenses incurred in relation to the kitten/cat after said kitten/cat leaves the possession of Kioko as well as any additional expense incurred at the request of the Owner before the kitten/cat leaves possession of Kioko.
  2. The Owner is advised to put the kitten/cat on an appropriate form of pet insurance in order to cover routine illness and accidental costs (recommendations are outlined in the Kitten Handbook) as mentioned above. We recommend Trupanion.
  3. Kioko assumes no liability for any veterinary costs or other expenses incurred by the Owner.
    The Owner acknowledges that the breeder’s liability can never exceed what is expressly guaranteed in these terms.
  4. In the event of an unexpected death or a death after a long illness, Kioko may insist on a necropsy, at the expense of the Owner, being performed as to understand the underlying cause of death. Kioko will replace the kitten if it dies from FIP within the first year of it’s life, and all our protocols for diagnostics are performed by the Owner’s veterinarian and reported back with a firm diagnosis which will be compared with our veterinary expert’s input.
  5. Under no circumstance will Kioko be held responsible for any veterinary expenses incurred by the Owner at any time for any reason for the kitten/cat .


  1. The Buyer agrees to provide appropriate grooming for the kitten/cat for the extent of its life and residence with the Owner. This is further detailed in the Kitten Handbook. Our kittens leave our home groomed and bathed. We recommend PurePaws products.


  1. All necessary registration documentation shall be handed over, and/or upon receipt of the signed Adoption Agreement and final Proof of Payment.
  2. An original neuter/spay certificate from a Licensed Veterinarian, the vaccination report, and Registration papers from TICA will be provided in a timely fashion.
  3. The pedigree of the kitten/cat and microchip certificate will be sent via email to the Buyer.
  4. The microchip will remain in the name of the Breeder unless transfer of ownership is expressly requested by the Owner for emigration or travelling purposes. The new Owner’s details are otherwise listed under the cat’s details when the microchip is scanned.


  1. The Owner agrees to follow all guidelines provided in the attached Kitten Handbook and direct any questions or issues to us directly for advice or clarification.
  2. The Owner agrees to consider all recommendations listed in the Kitten Handbook with regards to vaccinations and health; introducing the kitten to its new environment; other pets; young children; litter requirements; and dietary requirements.


  1. A non-refundable ‘Holding fee’ of $350 is placed to hold a particular kitten/cat for a potential Owner which will be absorbed by the final adoption fee.
  2. If a kitten is booked as early as 9 – 10 weeks. A three-installment option may be arranged at the Breeder’s discretion.
  3. If two kittens are booked at the same time, a 10% discount will apply to the Adoption fee of the second kitten.
  4. If a Cat is held specifically for a potential Owner, a change of mind can quite often jeopardize the chance for that particular kitten/cat to be placed in a home while still at a desirable age therefore all holding fees are non-refundable.
  5. Holding Fees will be accepted when:
  • The kitten/cat has reached at least 9 weeks of age and is fully weaned;
  • Once the owner has fully familiarized themselves with the Kitten Handbook and understands the contents therein.
  • ‘Payment in Full’ in the amount of the purchase price shall be paid at the absolute latest, 1 week prior to the kitten leaving the home of the Seller.

Should the Adoption Agreement be cancelled by the Owner, there will be no refund. Should the Seller cancel the Adoption Agreement, the deposit will be refunded in full within 60 days of cancelation.

When the sale of the kitten/cat is finalized, the holding fee shall be applied towards the balance owing on the purchase price. In the event the Buyer decides not to take possession of the kitten/cat , the holding fee will be subject to the provisions above.


  1. All Shipping costs are to be ‘Prepaid’ by the Owner, when purchasing a kitten/cat that must be shipped unless otherwise arranged with Kioko.
  2. The signed adoption agreement must be returned prior to kitten/cat being shipped or removed from Kioko’s property.
  3. Kioko will determine specific shipping arrangements in advance unless otherwise arranged with the Owner.
  4. Kioko, with the kitten/cat’s best welfare in mind will decide the best flight for our kitten/cats and will confirm these schedules with Owner unless otherwise arranged.
  5. The Owner agrees to fulfill their responsibility as consignee in taking delivery of kitten/cat at the expected time of arrival/pick up.
  6. In the event of flight delays or cancellations, the Owner will make the appropriate arrangements to return to the airport OR agreed place of collection to take delivery of the kitten/cat in a timely manner.
  7. Owner agrees to ensure the safe collection of the kitten/cat .
  8. Kioko prefers that the Buyer comes in person to pick up their kitten, but should that not be possible, in-cabin flights are the safest alternative in our opinion.


  1. Kioko provides a 5-day limited warranty that the kitten/cat is in good health at the time of purchase and free of known infectious diseases.
  2. Kioko also takes all reasonable provisions to ensure the Owner that the kitten/cat is free of the feline leukaemia virus (FeLV), and the feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) at the time of purchase.
  3. In order to activate the guarantee, the Owner must take the kitten to a licensed veterinarian within 5 days of the date of purchase, at the Owner’s expense.
  4. The Owner must notify Kioko of any claim under the warranty immediately;
  5. The Owner must provide Kioko with an original, official veterinary report including lab results, stamped by the veterinarian who examined the kitten/cat;
  6. Kioko must authorize any necessary treatment or euthanasia in regards to the initial veterinary exam.
  7. if the veterinarian finds the kitten/cat to have a life-threatening illness, he / she should contact Kioko immediately where upon the appropriate and according decisions can be taken in consultation with the Owner.


  1. Kitten/cats may be returned to Kioko within 10 days for exchange for a new kitten/cat (transport at the Owner’s expense) should we have kitten/cats available at the time of return.
  2. If no replacement is available at the time of return, the Owner will have up to one year after the date of return to furnish a comparable kitten/cat, nature permitting.
  3. Kitten/cats can only be exchanged after the guaranteed period has expired if the kitten/cat has been vet checked prior to leaving the Buyer’s home.
  4. Should there be a defect that is so deemed by the Owner in Consultation with her Veterinarian to be of such a nature as to make the kitten/cat unable to be a pet in the ordinary sense of the word, 25% of the purchase price will be refundable until the age of 6 months, which will be payable by Kioko over a 3-month period, should the Owner not elect to take a replacement kitten/cat.
  5. Kioko will not honor any health guarantee if the kitten/cat falls ill from or dies of any illness from contact with another animal not bred by Kioko.
  6. If the kitten/cat should die within a year of the date of purchase due to a proved congenital or hereditary defect, Kioko will replace the kitten with another of comparable quality or value as available to the Owner at our discretion, if Kioko receives proof of the defect in the form of a complete and appropriate necropsy report completed by a licensed veterinarian and performed at the Owner’s expense as proof of cause of death.
  7. If for some reason the kitten/cat is to be returned, we require a statement as to the health of the kitten/cat by the Owner’s Veterinarian prior to returning the kitten/cat . The kitten/cat should be free of, including but not limited to parasites, bacteria, fungal infection, fleas, ear mites, and communicable and life threatening contagious diseases.
  8. Upon its return, the kitten/cat will be replaced with another kitten/cat of equal value. If no replacement is available at that time, Kioko will have one year to furnish a satisfactory replacement.
  9. If the terms of the contract are discovered to be willfully or maliciously broken by the Owner, Kioko can and will exercise their legal rights to demand the unconditional return of the kitten/cat .
  10. Due to the many factors involved in rearing and caring for our kitten/cats that are beyond the control of Kioko, there can be no guarantees on temperament, fertility or show potential.

In paying the holding fee, the Owner acknowledges that he/she has read, fully understands, and agrees to ALL of the terms and conditions stated above as well as those outlined in the Kioko Kitten Handbook and Adoption Agreement.